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The following terms have precise in-house meanings (that are usually identical to the common scientific meaning of the term, if such exists):


Unity Pose of an object, comprising .position and .rotation fields.


Primitive data type defined by ConjureKit that represents a virtual asset or session participant inside of the session's (relative) coordinate system.


Stores an arbitrary property associated with an Entity in the form of a string-byte[] key-value pair.


Abstracts a Hagall multi-user networked AR session. A session provides co-located participants with coherent relative positioning such that the same virtual objects appear in the same physical location for all participants.


A device within a session.

Native SLAM

"SLAM" stands for "Simultaneous Location and Mapping".

Mobile devices provide native SLAM capabilities that interface with ARFoundation, and that drive the pose of participant Entities inside of ConjureKit Sessions.