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The Manna module enables devices to establish their pose in another device's Session by scanning a QR code on the screen of the other device.

When a participant successfully scans another participant's QR code, the scanning participant is brought into the Session of the participant displaying the QR code while leaving their current Session. Entities owned by the scanning participant in their former session are not brought into the new Session.

Basic Usage

Import the Manna module

using Auki.ConjureKit.Manna;

Initialize the Manna module

public class Demo : MonoBehaviour
public Transform cameraTransform;

private IConjureKit _conjureKit;
private Manna _manna;

private void Start()
var config = AukiConfiguration.Get();
_conjureKit = new ConjureKit(config, cameraTransform, "app_key", "app_secret");
_manna = new Manna(_conjureKit);

Show the QR code