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Can I get another participant's pose in the session?
Each participant in a session owns a special entity with the participant flag on it. The POSE of this entity represents the participant's device position and rotation in the shared coordinate system. Everything else about this entity is the same. Therefore, you can register for entity POSE updates or find the entity from the session object.
conjureKit.OnEntityUpdatePose += entity =>
if (entity.Flag == EntityFlag.EntityFlagParticipantEntity)
Debug.Log($"Participant with id: {entity.ParticipantId}");
Debug.Log($"New pose: {entity.Pose}");
I see macOS Monterey is listed as a prerequisite. Does that mean earlier macOS versions aren't compatible or just that they aren't tested/supported?
We recommend using an updated version of macOS combined with an updated Xcode version to be able to build for the latest iOS devices. You can still try to use an older macOS version as long as it is compatible with your iOS device.
Do you have plans to add instant calibration to mixed-reality headsets?
We aim to provide instant calibration on headsets that have the necessary hardware. We are also developing other calibration methods.
How to become a Hagall network provider?
Find out more here
How many participants can we add to one session?
We created successful tests with 50 participants at 20 pose updates/sec and 130 participants at 5 pose updates/sec.
Can a participant join a session without scanning a QR code?
The QR code is used to calibrate a joining device into the coordinate system of the host device's session. By entering the session number, a session can be joined but not in a calibrated state. As a result, the joining device won't recognize assets in the exact location of the host device.
Exception thrown on iOS
DescriptorValidationException: hagall.EntityComponentListResponse.entity_components: 
Property EntityComponents not found in Auki.ConjureKit.Hagall.Protobuf.Gen.EntityComponentListResponse
To fix this please set the Manager Stripping Level is Minimal in Edit->Project Settings->Player->Other Settings. See the Quickstart